Melin Dolrhyd is the latest layout. As stated elsewhere this is my first layout that is based on a real location. I have looked at this type of layout in the past but they have always required more space than I had available so never got anywhere.

Much of the information on this page is already on my blog which can be found here.

So what was the thinking behind this. There were actually several factors.

Those factors led me to first nail down a prototype to focus on and the more I looked at it the more I felt the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway offered what I was interested in. I do like the idea of being able to leave an engine running so I wanted a loop. I enjoy shunting layouts but I just wanted t also be able to watch trains go by.

It was then a question of location on the line. The main stations are interesting. I particularly like dual gauge track for which there is a section in Welspool Yard but that station is actually huge from a modelling perspective. Llanfair is more practical but is equally large and putting a loop on it would make it larger. The various passing places on the line were a possibility but the scenery around them is fairly dull. Eventually I looked at the area around the mill at Melin Dolrhyd.

The history is interesting. The mill had been on the banks of the River Banwy for countless years and when the railway was proposed it was planned to run behind the mill but it was changed and placed in front of the mill, squeezed in between the mill and the river. This makes a very interesting landscape. Added to this I could not find another layout depicting this so the chance of doing something fresh was very appealing.

This meant that the layout was going to have no points and be relatively compact. Loop the two ends together and you have a layout small enough that I might finish it and something that I have not seen done before.